Sunday, August 2, 2009


Day 13

Missed my workout.

I woke up with a plan in mind and knew exactly what needed to get accomplished. I did not wake early as I wanted a full nights rest, a good morning of hard desk work, a meaningful run at lunch and a push to set meetings for Florida later this week.

That did not happen. I had forgotten that I told Kim we would take the boys to Six Flags and that I would take the day off. I sent an email and took a PTO day. We drove to Six Flags, (which I have been dreading) and we had a blast!!!! I am not a fan of roller coasters, but Jack and I went on several. The Miner (for Wil), another Wil roller coaster, Superman (the best), Ninja (I made Jack feel bad as I dragged him on it) and an old wooden roller coaster that beat you up it was so violent. The metal ones are so much better. We went on Splashwater and Thunder River twice, we got soaked. But we did not care. We had a great time.

Later that evening Jack had football. He did great and had an opportunity to throw the ball.

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