Sunday, July 26, 2009

A day of work... a day of pleasure

Day 12

Wil had made a “fort” in his bedroom and wanted me to sleep with him on the floor last night… Brutal, considering how bad my body was feeling from yesterdays earlier punishment. I fell asleep with Wil, woke up slept 4 hours in my bed, woke up and went back to sleep with Wil on the floor in his fort so he could see Dad in the morning.

Once everybody was up, we were off to Mels for a great breakfast. Back home I worked on the Mustang and spent about 2 hours mowing the grass.

At 2 today, I met Jack AYFA football coach and hope to provide assistant coaching duties.I need to drop in my 200 plus core and work Jack’s arm with the football.

Morning grilling tonight!

Day 11

5:11 AM the alarm went off. I had left my biking shorts in my Expedition, it was necessary to have a quick change in the driveway so as not to wake the family. Good thing nobody was up to see my hairy white butt at the top of our driveway.

I was not looking forward to today’s long ride, I know the other guys really look forward to it, me, I dread it. Why, I just do not think I can perform to the best of my abilities and truthfully, it take a huge toll out of me just to keep up.

Today’s little task was a daunting 61 mile ride, with two big, very big climbs halfway through. Between that and the cars, it is any wonder I ride at all. We had extra riders with us, our typical crew of 4-5 expanded to 9. Including one of my neighbors, she is a good rider.

Corey was in his element; he likes to be the coach and does a good job getting everybody ready. Jay was ready to dominate and Chris, (rookie) has the vigors of youth, that and he is a good athlete.

Off we went, 6:30… the ride was tough in areas and the hills challenging. I had difficulty keeping up in spots, but tried to stay near the front. We chased the ride down with a transition run, about 3.5 miles.

The afternoon was shopping for football gear for Jack, a burger at FiveGuys. I spent 2 hours in our attic (it was 98 degrees) routing network cable to hook up the boys Xbox and another 3.5 hours connecting everything up and setting the configuration… yep, 5.5 hours. Jack and Wil both helped as did Kim, it was a good family project.

Night included some grilling and the best tasting beer, Abita Jackamo, an IPA.

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