Friday, July 17, 2009

Day Three

Day 3.

I went to bed last night and slept hard. I did not move until the alarm went off at 5:00 AM. Morning seemed to come quick. I grabbed my gear and hit the door. I left my Mustang outside so I could drive it this morning, the cooler weather felt good with the top down. Arriving at LTF, I saw that Corey (my buddy) was already out on the roads running, he likely started before 5. I laced up the shoes, noting that I need some new long distance running shoes, I hopped up, set my watch and I was off. A little stiff and my right ankle was a bit tender in the cooler weather, but I kept my stride, the first mile was too fast for a warm up, I hit it about 7:36, though I knew I had a number of hills ahead and the pace would average out. I purposely picked this route as I wanted to work the quads. I need sometimes in the hills. A few years ago, I would eat up hills, never felt them. That is not the case right now, so this is the time to put in the work. It is the only way to get faster. Midway through the run, my left quad was tight and burning, I knew that I was over-compensating for my right tender ankle. Really focusing on keeping an even stride. Need to be mindful of this over the next few weeks and even out my stride. I came in hard and finished with an average 7:42 pace for 8 miles. Not great, but not bad. Spent and extra 20 minutes stretching this morning and doing the first half of my 170 sit-ups. I’ll hit the weights at lunch and finish my core set. After work, I am meeting Kim and some friends for 9 holes of golf. Should be a great day!

Looking rough before the start of the run, I felt better than I looked

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