Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day two

Day 2.
Went to see Harry Potter last night… I liked the film; it has been nice to see the evolution of the film and the characters. Jack had a good football practice last night, I helped out, it was fun, and I do enjoy coaching. I also was able to run the suicide sprints with the kids, worked up a good sweat; it was fun to do the suicides as part of a race. Man can it wind you, took me a full minute to get my breadth, and I’m in shape.

I did hit the gym yesterday, I always enjoyed lifting, and it is nice to be pumping the iron. I am not as aggressive with the weights as I used to be. My goal now is lower weight, higher reps, strength endurance, not size. I also hit 160 sit-ups. So I’m getting there.

Today at lunch I’ll hit my swim workout and cap it off with the weights. Interested to see what my weight it… likely high. With this workout, I am eating more often, though better, but my body is adjusting. Need more fresh fruit, everybody needs more fresh fruit.

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