Friday, July 24, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Day 10.
Went to bed about a hour later than expected. The hour was well spent with Kim though. We both decided we need two things, a new mattress and a new TV for the bedroom.

I woke up and felt ready for a good run. All the guys were scheduled to run the same 8 mile course, (I was running 9), we staggered our start time based on our expected pace so that we would finish the last half mile together.

I had intended to run an easy 8 minute pace, but the weather was cool and I was feeling rested and fresh, despite lifting over 11 tons yesterday. My first mile was 7:24 though it is mostly down hill. I take that time to also say my prayers, it is my time with the man upstairs. It is a very refreshing thing to do. My second mile, was just under 15 minutes, so I was still holding about 7:30, this held true for the next several miles, 3 = 22:30, 4 = 30:04, 5 = 37:24, (I had a 30 second water break, but did not stop the watch) 6 = 45:24, 7 = 52:44, 8 = 1:00:24, 9 = 1:07:57, average pace was a 7:32, not subtracting the 30 second water stop, so, not a bad run.

I did a light stretch but will do another stretch and core workout later at lunch. I have much to do at work today and already have a head start on the day. Tonight I expect to get to bed early, the ride tomorrow will be tough! 60 miles tomorrow, in the hills. I will sleep well tonight and eat a good meal of carbs for energy, I might drink a few too.

My weight today was 179 following the run, I still have work to do there.

Day 9

The morning swim was good and the 2000 meters went fast. That is a relative term when I talk about swimming, it is my handicap. I just do not have a good swim stroke or the body type for swimming. If bricks were meant to swim, I would be the perfect body type.

I came home and was exhausted, but it was still before 6:00 so I went back to bed for a while. The day was semi-productive; the best part of the business day was a product demo late in the afternoon.

At lunch I did my “core” work and weights. I felt strong and figured that I lifted over 23,000 pounds, that’s 11.5 tons of weight. Good thing I did not do it all at one time.

Jack and I threw the football and his timing was spot on great. I did not have a chance to play much with Wil, but he did a great job with his reading teacher. Maybe I will take him to breakfast Friday AM.

Weight... a heavy 183. Ouch!

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