Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No really it's only Monday

Day 6

This is supposed to be Tempo Run day, but other stuff seemed to get in the way. I was very busy with work and I have too many errands to run. The day slipped away. I also had a commitment to take Jack to the Braves baseball game, they were playing the SF Giants.

I was pushing to get my run in when I remembered what I told myself a while back, that I would not let training get in the way of family. Family first. I'll talk about that another day.

The game was great a close game for the first 6 innings, a big and funny error, happened in the top of the 6th as the center fielder with Braves totally missed and easy pop fly. The Giants capitalized and tied the game, but the Braves put on a hitting clinic and blew it wide open in the bottom of the 6th… final score was 11-3. Best part, we almost caught a foul ball. Neat.

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