Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back on track

Day 8.

Track day! Well as predicted, I went way too hard for the Bike last night, pulled a lot in the beginning and flamed out at the end. Worse, some “old guy” said to me as we were finishing up, “yeah, guys our age can hang with the young guys when we draft”, the guy had to be at least 10 years older than me, and I was not drafting!

Went home, did my stretching and sit-ups as the boys played with sparklers. I remember when sparklers would burn the heck out of your arm and you had to be very careful not to have a spark hit your eyes. They as soooo tame these days, they should call them almost a sparkler.

Got the boys to bed and I set the alarm for 5 AM. Decided to turn on the TV for a minute, there was a special on Apollo 17 the last manned mission to the Moon. I knew it was trouble. Bedtime went from 10:00 to 11:00. I watched the whole thing. It was great. We all know the first words spoken on the moon by Neil Armstrong, very few know the last… “lets get this mother out of here” Eugene Cernan, and off they went back to Earth.

That was 1972, I wonder if we could do that same job now. There was a greater sense of urgency, patriotism, and attention to detail. They said over 450,000 people worked on putting our guys on the moon, that to a person, each felt that is was their most important job. Something to think about.

11:00'ish Finally off to bed, however, I did not sleep well. I felt a lot like a kid trying to sleep on Christmas Eve, I was up every hour. Finally 5 AM came and I was ready to go… so ready that later I would realize that I left my cloths at home.

Met up with the guys, they were doing their 400 repeats; I am still in fitness mode, so I was hitting 6 x 1 minute fast, 2 minutes ez. It went well, I did the final as a ¼ mile, I hit 1:19, not too good, last week was 1:16, but I did not ride on Tuesday evening last week. I wanted to do more, but remembered, stay on the program. There are a lot of days ahead!

I’ll hit the weights at lunch and do more core.

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