Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Day 6&7

Saturday. Typically this is my cycling day, but not today. Today is the start of football. Jack and I warm up the arm, we go over the plays. We are ready. The game was great, the boys were all nervous to start the game, but everybody calmed down and we won the game, 26-20. Jack had several great plays. I had a few areas that I, as the offensive coordinator could improve. Need to see the tape. Yep, we have tape. Go figure… the evening was relaxing, well after I cut the grass, and we all went to bed early. Good

Ah, Sunday. Breakfast at Mel’s I had work that I needed to catch up on, wrapped that up before 1:00. Did a few errands. We’ll grill later tonight. Tomorrow is the start of my second week of training. A tempo run, 7 miles. 1 EZ, 5 at Pace, 1 EZ. Should be EZ.

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