Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feeling regular

Day 19

I woke up feeling rested. First I checked in on Jack. He is doing well. Grabbing my gear, I drove to LTF. I like the car ride and the bottle drop for a long run, it get’s me prepped.

Hitting my watch I was off. I knew I wanted to do better than the 8:14 that was on my plan. The first mile was 7:49, the next was about the same. I enjoyed the run and the weather was cool. I did feel a little “fat” and I knew I was carrying some extra weight. To be expected, 1 workout in 6 days, but family and work… considering the week, I am surprised I even had 1 workout. The 3rd mile was up Westside Parkway difficult is a good description. Amazing I find that my left leg is breaking down too soon. I knew I had to get to the 5-6th mile and I would feel better, at least mentally. I hit the 5 mile mark right where I wanted to be, 39:40… good. I picked up my water bottle and walked across the street while I drank. I picked up my pace knowing I had 3-4 more sharp hills ahead. I was able to keep pace on the hills, while taking advantage of the downhills and letting the legs fly.

I pressed on for the 10 miles and finished at 1:17:23 = 7:42/mile. Weight was up as expected, after the run, 180.0. I’ll need to work on that this week.

I got home and we headed to Mel’s as our usual outing on Sunday morning. Omelet for me, pancakes for Jack and Wil, Kim a ham and cheese sandwich.

The weather is cloudy and we all welcomed an opportunity to just relax. I will spend the day catching up at work and mowing the lawn. To bed early.

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