Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today I Was a Rock

Thursday. Day 24.

Some days you just rock… That was not today. Today I was a the rock. I woke feeling out of sorts. Tired, drained, not sure if it was fatigue or lethargy. Either way, I briefly considered not going to swim and taking the few extra hours to rest my body and perhaps my mind. The little voice in side me said “No… get up” so I was up. Everything took a little longer this morning and I was fighting my common sense that said… you need rest.

I knew I had to get home early to get the boys off, my goal was just get in as much of the workout as possible. Standing on the pool deck I was in the water. It was warmer than usual and I expected as the first few hundred meters went by that I would “snap-out of it” and my body would start responding. Nope. It was not working. My workout up until today had been good, great in fact, but this day was a struggle. I knew that my judgment this morning was like clouded by my pride. I needed rest and my body was telling right now loud and clear.

Frustrated. I finished one more set and hopped out of the pool. Nothing good was going to be accomplished in the pool this morning. I need to cut my losses and get some rest.

Tonight I will go to bed earlier and tomorrows run will be filled with anger. It is a tough run tomorrow and I am going to be ready to give it hell.

Weight 181 (Grrrr)

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