Friday, January 1, 2010

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!!!!!!

Friday. Well my first attempt and writing the year 2010 and I double tapped the “0”, old habits take a while to be undone. At least I need not worry about hitting “00” again while typing a date, unless I defy the aging process and live and additional 90 years.

At one point during the night I woke and just laid there thinking how fortunate I am. I rolled back over and felt the weight of the extra comforter on the bed, it just felt good. Enjoy it while it last I tell myself, the workouts start again on Monday.

I wake easily a couple hours later. I can hear Jack in the bonus room playing Madden 10, a ritual, Kim sleeps and I do my best not to wake her, though that is a near impossibility, she is a light sleeper. I walk carefully into Wil’s room, he is still asleep. He needs the sleep too much activity for him the past couple of weeks. I watch to see his chest move as he breaths. I expect every parent does this.

A quick shower and I am down the stairs, my goal today, seal the granite in the kitchen. Twice a year I spend a part of the day giving it a thorough cleaning, sealing and polish. I plan it well so the wait time is filled with Jack football practice. He and the boys look good. I so enjoy coaching. We hold a self scrimmage and as bad as Jack was on Wednesday, he is right on target today. I see several opportunities to introduce plays into a game. I also see a some great catches. I only wish I could be playing too, oh well.

Back home I finish the granite, and play a quick game of basketball with Jack, Wil and the neighbor kids, it is fun, for now, or at least until they grow taller than I am in trouble.

The evening comes quick, Jack and I join a few friends to see Sherlock Holmes. It is well done and light hearted.

Tomorrow I will start my last task, I doubt I will have in completed by this coming Monday, but it will be a good start.

Off to bed, not a bad start to 2010.

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