Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Blew a Gasket

Thursday. Day 18.

Swim day. I take comfort knowing on Thursday the swim is not as long, though it is typically more violent. I do not mind that as much, I typically excel when required to go all out for a short distance. Like a bottle rocket, I shoot off accelerating, explode all my fuel and than have nothing left.

I arrive at the pool deck a little late, but jump right in and put the warm up behind me. As expected the main set is a series of short, though intense swims, 9 x 200 with the last 50 held as a race between the 1 & 2 swimmer in the line, and rotate. We all push. The first 150 are controlled pace, but the last 50 is an all out gut buster. I felt like I blew a gasket. When it was my turn to lead my arms were barely moving, though I was able to dig deep for the final 50, and so it went until we had all gone twice. This was followed by 8 x 100. I was able to put in half the number, but had to hop out of the pool to put Wil on the bus for school.

The day will be busy with meetings from the moment I put my butt in my seat and will not likely stop until Kim flickers the lights for dinner.

I hope to have more progress on the Mustang this evening. Really want the area cleaned up and ready for the floor pan this weekend. I will work on measuring and cutting tomorrow. It is my expectation/hope that the next one will be easier.

Weigh 180 even. Rats.

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