Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey, can you light the grill

Tuesday. Day 16.

Rolling over is easy, getting up and swimming is hard. Character is built on sometimes the simplest decisions, off to swim. Standing on the pool deck looking at the main set of 6 x 400, I thought to myself, I must be building a lot of character today.

I worked on the Mustang after dinner… I had plans to drop the fuel line and clean up the spot for the rear floor plan. However, the once pliable 43 year old hose is now brittle and cracks as soon as I move the line one millimeter. Gas begins pouring all over the garage floor and me!

Curse words were flying, well in my mind. Thankfully, I had a back up plan, smart! I had made a couple of plugs, I quickly move into action and find that my back up plan is not going to work.

The plug causes the hose to crack more and gas is pouring out like I turned on a faucet… Not to worry, I had a back up plan to the back up plan. I direct the waterfall of gas into the lawn mower gas can.

Gas collected, I head off to the auto store and pick up new fuel line, a few 3/8 bolts and clamps, the problem solved.

Perhaps the funniest part of the evening was when standing there soaked with gas, Kim thought is best if I started the grill. Okay… Everybody Stand BACK!

Weight… still on the plus side of 180.

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