Saturday, January 16, 2010

David versus Goliath


Day 13. I am sitting on the couch, Jack is lying next to me asleep. Kim and Wil abandoned Jack and I as we watch the Colt versus the Ravens. It is no secret, I am pulling for Peyton and the Colts. I just do not like the Ravens. Maybe it is the fact they beat the Giants in the Superbowl years ago.

Sitting here, I can hear Kim is getting Wil ready for bed. We have had a pretty busy day.

I woke early this morning unable to sleep. I went down to my office to catch up on a few emails. After working for about an hour, I went back up the stairs to the kitchen and made some chocolate chip muffins for the family. Whipping up the muffins and sticking them in the oven I went outside to work on the car. I also pull my Miter saw out for Jay. He is prompt meeting me right at 7:30. I take this time to show him the work I am doing on the car. I point out a few areas that I might need his assistance. Who would have ever guessed that Jay would have an Associates Degree in Auto body Maintenance! That is another story. We talk about the car for a few minutes and I hand over the saw before Jay drives off.

Heading back inside, the muffins are done, they are just coming out of the oven as the family is finding their way downstairs. We all enjoy a warm breakfast.

I spend a couple of hours working on the car and even take the dogs for a walk. The time is starting to click by and soon enough it is time. Game time.

Arriving at the field we are short handed today. I have five boys out for the game, they are at baseball tryouts. That leaves me with nine players.

As we are huddled up the opposing team arrives. They are huge! The smallest guy on their team is the same size as our biggest guy! This is not lost on the players. Worse, I watch as the opposing team is pointing and laughing. I can hear them say hey, “look how small they are were going to kill these guys.”

Now I’m pissed. I gather the boys and I tell them what was said. I tell them what I have always said, football is played with your heart (courage/toughness) and head (being smart). I tell them we are going to play these guys tough we are going to hit them hard and not stop for the next 60 minutes.

We lose the coin toss, rats. We hold them on the first two downs, but on the third play, it comes. The bomb. A long pass for a touch down. A few players hang their heads. I tell them there is no time for that, forget it and go make a play.

The extra point is made and the score is 0 – 7. We get the ball and we march down the field. The boys are looking great and playing tough. We score! A great play with several key blocks and a fantastic run.

I decide to go for two point on the conversion. Jack make a great pass and Greg our end makes the perfect catch! 8 – 7.

The kick-off is good and we hold them on the next series. The play goes back and forth and we get the ball back and score again 14 - 7 on a touchdown run by Jack.

The game is hard hitting. There are good plays on both sides. The game is getting tight. I call the Statue of Liberty play and we score again, only to have a “late” flag come in. It was a bad call, that was not near the play. Oh well that happens.

The opposing team drive the ball down the field, however we stop them with 4 and long to go. Somehow the QB, break free and runs 30 yards for a touch down. No one needs to know how loug I yelled on that play. The score is now 14 – 13. The opposing coach goes for a 1 point conversion to tie the game. The play is up the middle their biggest guys against our smallest guys, a true David versus Goliath. The boys penetrate the line and pull the flag. YES!

We get the ball back and march down the field. Time expires and we win the day. What a game. I am so proud of this team. I consider it one of the best wins I have seen.

The rest of the day is spent working on the Mustang and I weld in my first patch panel on the floor. Ippolitos take out for dinner puts me in good favor with Kim.

Time for bed.

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