Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 7.

I slowly wake the family after putting out the dogs. This is the first Sunday in 17 weeks where I did not put on a Giants shirt, the season is over for the Gmen. With the family up and rummaging for warm cloths, I walk outside to let the car warm up. It is warmer that than the past few days, but still cold for Georgia.

Piling in the car we head to Mels’ for a good breakfast. I enjoy the routine, it is the only routine that we have, but it is a time to relax, read the paper, chat about the week that was and the week that will be.

Afterwards we run errands and head back home. I am working on setting up the air compressor and think I have finally solved the issue of where to mount the moisture trap and regulator. I had hoped to start working on the car, but one project at a time. Later Kim heads to lunch with a friend as the boys and I hang on the couch watching the last couple of games for wild card weekend. Wil whips up a batch of “Wil Nachos” his specialty. The hit the spot with out being too filling.

The patriots game is a waste, they just do not show up for the game and are outplayed by Baltimore. It is easy to turn off the TV and head outside and play. Jack and Wil versus me in basketball. It is fun as the hoop is only 7 feet high (so Wil can play) thus I instantly have become a fantastic basketball player, proportionally I am as big as Shaq. I take it easy on them, but as they like to rough me up, I can not help to keep the score close.

The evening comes and we hope that the afternoon game is more competitive. We are not let down. It is a barn burner, it started off all Arizona, but ends with a tight game in overtime won by Arizona. The score was 51 – 48 over Green bay. The game was all offense and Arizona could have won it in regulation but for a yanked field goal attempt by Rackers. Ironically the game is won n a defensive play on the second play of OT.

I’d like to see Kurt Warner win… he seems to be one of the good guys. The day is not spent just hanging on the couch, thought that would be easy, rather, I use this down time to enter the descriptions of the photo album and classifying each of the photos. I have about 8 hours of work on this so far and I am only a 8th the way through.

Diner is light, we are all still full from the holidays. Sleep comes easy.

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