Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 17. I actually hit the snooze alarm with the idea that I would get 5 more minutes sleep. Not a bad thing and I am not meeting anyone today for my run. Solo. As much as I thought 5 more minutes would help, likely I would have been better to just get up the first time.

Arriving at the gym, I pick a different treadmill than I usually run on, I thought I would change up the scenery. iPod on, I am ready to go. The first mile is clumsy as I am trying to get my pace and breathing. Just about the time I have it evened out, it is time to pick up the pace.

Today is 1 @ 8:34, 4 @ 7:18 and 1 @ 8:34. I increase my speed, the TM only has 7:19 or 7:13. I decide to do the first 3 at 7:19 and the last at 7:13 to even the pace to a planned 7:18.

As in the first mile, it takes me a bit of time to adjust. By the second mile I am finding my groove. Once I have passed halfway mark, my mind is thinking the worst is over and at that point, the run almost seams effortless. My cadence is good, my breathing controlled and the miles are ticking by quickly. During the third mile I think it is time for me to change my music rotation on the ipod. The last mile I increase the speed to 7:13 and I feel great, I feel like I am flying, and I am still in control of my stride and breathing.

Finishing, I hit the cool down and decrease to an 8:34. It feels clumsy and my legs seem to fall with a heavy thud. Speed is so much more fun!

With the workout over, I spend a bit more time than usual stretching, eventually finishing with my core.

At home the day is filled with meeting, meeting and more meetings. By the time evening rolls around I am whipped. We have a nice dinner with the family and sit around the table telling joke and sharing highlights of the day. Both the boys are obsessed with getting a "six-pack" The other night Jack and will each did 60 sit-ups and 100 push-ups. Wil said I have a "seven-pack".

As the kids shower, I spend an hour working on the Mustang. Progress is going slow. Removing the floor pan is taking more time than expected, but me practicing patience will help, the last thing I need to do is rush this part.

Tomorrow I hope to have the area cleaned up and start measuring to drop in the new floor pan. This will give me time to weld in the new piece this weekend. That is the plan.

Weight 179. Better

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