Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good Guys Lose... Rats!

Day 14.

Sunday. Oh no, good guys lose. A tough loss. The boys had great plays and terrible plays. We were being blanked until the I turned over the play calling to Jack and let him call the plays in the huddle. Jack did great and made some key plays culminating in a TD pass.

He was able to drive the team down the field and score. It was great. Though we were dealt our first loss, the game was close, 6 – 14, but really we did not play that well up front and our blocking was lacking to say the least.

Following the game we went with some friends to watch the Vikings dismantle the Cowboys. It was great. We went to a noted Cowboy “establishment,” the silence was defining was the Viking score grew, that did not stop us from cheering on the Vikings. I would like to see Brett Favre push on to the next level and hopeful the Super Bowl.

I was able to get a considerable amount done on the Mustang this morning, but ran across an area while cutting out the floors that I will need to figure out.

The evening will be no work just hanging with the family, watch the afternoon Jet’s versus Chargers game and perhaps watch a movie at night.

Tomorrow we hit the track. A tough one. 2 x 1600 and 1 X 800 with a 400 RI.

Time to man up.


Anonymous said...

No pains, no gains...................................................

CSP said...

Bob, forgot to ask you what the pace on the 1600's were. Need to keep an eye on you two!