Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Motor Boat, Motor Boat

Day 23.

I did not move the whole night. I woke in the exact same position that I went to sleep in last night. I do not remember making in through the first sentence of my prayers. I briefly wonder if the roast beef dinner has some type of sleeping powers.

I feel rested considering it is 5:00. At the end of my street, I see Melissa’s car I decided not to cut her off and I follow her in to LTF.

The work out is strong, lots of warm up, and a main set that is focused on endurance with speed pick ups. The work out is 5 x 100, EZ followed by 100 Fast, 4 x 100 EZ, followed by 100 fast, you get the idea. Shane, in our lane (nice rhyme) does the majority of the work this morning. I take one turn at the 100 fast. It kicks my butt and I barley make our time. I felt like a windmill and all I could think of the whole time as “Motor Boat Motor Boat” but I could not remember the rest of the song we chanted in the pool as kids. I still can not remember the rest of the song.

Overall, I felt weak in the pool today, likely due to the big run on Monday. Hope to have better success on Thursday.

Work, lots to do. Several errands to run and I hope to finish the floor board on the Mustang this evening. Tomorrow is track and all will be right with the world again.

Weight 180.

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