Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Day 22. As the Giants are not in the playoffs, I had essentially adopted the Vikings. The game was way too close, the Vikings were outplaying the Saints, but would blow great gains with dumb turnovers. The turnovers would eventually cost them the game. I woke feeling as if I had a hangover. Thinking if I could only turn back time, I could whisper in their ear, take care of the football and you’ll win the game. Oh well. Tough to watch.

With the night lasting longer than expected and the weather forecasted to be miserable for the early morning, I decided before I went to bed that I would sleep in and run at lunch. The bad part about running at lunch is it gives you all morning to think about it. This was not easy run, but a tough solo 9 mile run. I had a lot to think about.

At the gym I met Corey, we both had our work to do. Pulling out my iPod, it had accidentally turned on in my gym bag and was now out of power. No music. Just me… okay, I know how to do this. Stepping outside I was off.

After the run, I had an email from Corey asking , “How was it?” This is what I shared with Corey in an email.

BRUTAL. I felt good starting out, I really had a controlled pace. Running down Marta, I could feel the wind pushing me, sometimes when the wind is at our back, you do not know it until you turn around, today, I could feel the push, so I just rolled down the road. At the first mile I was 6:52, a good 41 seconds fast. Uh oh. No worries, besides, I had the wind to my back easily explaining the faster time. However, as soon as I passed the first mile I was stood up by a gust of wind that did not let up for the next 3 miles. It was like being smacked in the face with a shovel. I felt like I was running with a bungee cord attached to my back. By the time I was at the turn at Hwy 9 my legs were cooked, not only that my back hurt! WTF??? I thought why, why does the small of my back hurt, that has never hurt, never. It hit me, I realized, I was leaning into the wind for the last mile and half.

I finally found shelter from the wind and surprisingly, my time was right on, I had held the 7:30 pace for the last 3.5 miles. The only problem, I was parched, my mouth was full of cotton, I could not spit and I was cold from the whipping wind. With a 30 second cushion, I stepped into the Corner Deli and grabbed a fountain drink, slammed it in and kept running. I used my cushion and a little bit more.

At mile 5, I was now 10 seconds behind. Okay, that was the stop. Keep pace. The next mile I ran even telling myself to not make it up in one mile. At mile 6, I was only 7 seconds behind, so I ran a 7:30 and had picked up 3 seconds. Good for me, smart running. Feeling good I knew I had only 3 miles to go, I felt my stride lengthen as spirits brightened. I locked in my pace and was lucky to catch all the lights at every intersection.

Closing on the 7th mile I looked at my projected time… 52:51, I hit my landmark, looked at my watch it read 51:41, huh.. that can not be right, I just ran a 6:30… no, must have the wrong landmark.

I know without a doubt that the church on Academy is mile 8. Somehow I must have screwed up, I did not increase my pace, no way, not that much. I keep myself even and for the last couple of miles I actually feel good. With the church approaching I look at my target time, 1:00:24. As I run by the church I glance at my watch, the reality… 58:35, really? Really? I am nearly two full minutes ahead.

The last mile I cruise in though the last ¼ mile is difficult. Finish time… 1:07:57… my time 1:05:55.

Actually it was better than that as I over ran my end point, but considering the start of the run, I’ll take it. Overall pace, 7:17 per mile. Way too fast.

The wind really screwed me up, my pace erratic plus I was freezing for the first 4.5 and too hot for the last 4.5.

Overall… I knew it would be tough. I have not built such character since the single digit ice run prior to Huntsville. Glad it is done.

A tough run like that make the rest of the day go easy, work is easier, homework is easier, everything was easier.

At night I made a great roast beef dinner, with mashed potato, gravy, carrots, it was yummy. Not as good as my mom would make, Kim reminded me, but pretty darn close.

I had hoped to work on the Mustang, but Jack wanted to check on a new phone, so off we went. Jack is hitting that age where he is transitioning from boy to young man. Wow.

Back at home, the evening is slipping away fast. Wil is heading to bed. I look at the guitar, no time to practice, rather I run upstairs and read him “Ten Apples Up On Top” a classic.

With Wil off to sleep, Jack and I watch Myth Busters until we are both chased to bed by Kim. Sleep comes quickly.

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