Tuesday, January 12, 2010

School House Rock

Day 9.

This is typically Swim day, however, as I am in Dallas and there is an opportunity to run with my running mentor Bobalu, I take the opportunity for a great conversation and a great run. I am not let down Bobalu is in great form, dealing running advice mixed with good humor. The evening before, I invited a colleague from my office to join us for the run. He is a past marathon runner, looking to get back in running shape. Sitting in my car I arrive early and wait as the runners begin to show. I am happily surprised my workmate shows, after all the hour is early, 5:15, so good for him.

The new guy introduced to the group and we are off... The pace is reasonable so I will not worry about the extra day of running rather than swimming this morning. We cover an east 6 miles running just under 9 minute miles, basically a conversational pace.

The miles fly as Bobalu and I catch up. Chad is treated to the entertainment and knowledge of the 4 best things about running. Bobalu starts his running sermon about 2 miles out. I chuckle to myself and add commentary when appropriate. Always entertaining and educational while running with Bobalu, he's better than School House Rock!

After the run we stop at Starbucks with the gang, before I head back to the hotel. A quick shower, shave and breakfast and I am at the office.

I catch a flight home tonight, and hope to be in bed by 11:00. Morning with come quickly and find me standing with Jay, Corey, Jeff and a perhaps few others in the dark of the early morning at the Alpharetta High School track. The workout, 5 x 800 @ 3:03, with a 400 RI.

Only gone one night, but still I miss the family.

Weight… unknown.

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