Monday, January 4, 2010

1, 2... no 3..., 1

Day 1

Though I went to bed much later than I had planned the time was well spent playing cards with Kim and boys. My head eventually found the pillows at 10:00 PM, so waking up was not too tough. Though I will have to do better tonight, if I am going to have a good swim tomorrow.

Rolling out of bed I was eager to get started. Today marks the first day back to training. Nothing better than a goal to provide a purpose to a workout. Making my way to the gym, it was a cold morning, I was actually glad that we would be hitting the Treadmill for this first run.

The plan today, 1 ez, 3 @ 7:00 minute miles, and 1 ez. Interestingly, I thought it was to be 1, 2, 1… so after the second mile, I felt good and it was over, however as I was pressing the down button on the pace, Jay let me know, “hey, one more mile.” Huh… rats. I cranked it back up and to catch back up I had to take it up an extra notch or two… it took me ¾ a mile to catch back up to Jay. By the time I finished my 3 miles at pace, I was beat. The mile cool down was good and I worked on my stride. I felt my stride was a bit erratic during this workout. I will need to work on this during the next few weeks.

A good stretch and some core workout, I was heading back to the showers and the dreaded scale. I was not looking forward to the scale. I have spent the last two weeks eating without thought. I expect to weigh between 184 – 186. With the moment of truth upon me, I step cautiously onto the scale… 180.5! I am pleasantly surprised. With my weight now in, I am focused on pushing for 175 for the 5K and 172 for the marathon in October.

The day is busy as I take two weeks and squeeze it into one day, but it is good to be back to work. At lunch I head to the furniture bank to deliver my painting for the upcoming charity event, on February 27th. The painting exceeded their expectations. I am pleased that they like the painting and more that it will help them raise money for a worthy goal.

The remaining day is spent working and hanging with the family. My goal is to be sleeping by 9:45 for my swim tomorrow at 5:30.

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