Friday, January 1, 2010

Great, Cut Print

December 31, 2009

Thursday. The last day of 2009. It went way too fast. Certainly I will not be the only person to pen those words. Last year I had a few goals, one goal and most important, be a better father/husband. Being a better father husband is a continual goal not something that can be measured by a distance or a time. That makes it harder, there were plenty of opportunities and I like to think that most of the time I rose to the occasion. There are a few times I would like to have had a “do over”, perhaps push an invisible reset button that I could try again. The failings of man, however, overall I did a better job this year than last.

I had other goals as well, to qualify for the Boston Marathon, check (finally) and put more money in savings, not enough (rats).

Last goal, to finish writing my script before my birthday in April. I had the idea over a year ago last October while running at track St. Marks in Dallas. I had pieced the whole thing together in a couple of weeks. The outline was written well before December, but I needed to tie up the remain parts and finish. By April 12th, it was done. Next I had a few people review the script, good, check. But there it stopped. Life got busy and I paused. But what really stopped me, perhaps I feared failure or rejection and just sat on it. I kept pushing it back… too busy to give it a final review. Finally with the holiday break I pushed my resolve to finish and provide the final read/edit. It may not be Chinatown, but it is good in my estimation.

I needed to register the script with the Screenwriters guild, done today and the US Copyright office, also completed today. I was on my way to holding that Oscar. Next step to find an agent and roll the dice.

these past couple of weeks I have been busy knocking things off my to do list. With the script ownership now secure and the wheels in motion to find an agent, I have only a few more boxes to check before the holiday break is over.

The remaining to-do's will have to wait, tonight we celebrate the passing of another year and the birth of new decade. I could list many things that have happened during the course of the year and the previous decade, but most have been captured in this journal and my blog and i far more enjoy looking forward.

Dinner with family and friends, fireworks to bring in the new year with a literal “bang” and libations to liven the spirit. Best the last few moments of 2009 spent with Kim and the boys close and well wishes in the coming year and decade. Onward!

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