Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"120, 240 Whatever it takes"


Round two with the wiring project for the air compressor. I just finished the 240 receptacle box last night when it occurred to me that I had wired it upside down. Rats. So here I was lying on the cold garage floor re-wiring the box. Once fixed, I head down stairs. I turn off the power at the main box to the sub panel box. Moving a couple of breakers around I wire and slide in the dual 30 amp breaker. I cross my fingers and turn on the power, no flames, no sparks… I head up to the garage. I check the air compressor one last time and plug it in. I grab the knob and give it a twist. It fires right up. Perfect, and I finished just in time to take the boys to play flag football. It is an unofficial practice, but it goes well and the boys look good.

The afternoon is spent with miscellaneous chores that take me right up to dinner time.
We end the day watching Toy Story, a classic. Bed can not comes fast enough, I am exhausted.

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