Monday, December 28, 2009

Back On Track

I wake up early. Not too early, it is already 6:00 when I start running. I am running alone this AM. It feels good. It is cold out, though I am only wearing to long sleeve technical T’s and it feels okay. I have my hat and gloves on and that helps. The first mile is uneventful, it feels a little quick but not too much. Just after starting the second mile I decide to turn it on. I pick up the pace, I lengthen my stride. I want to open the lungs. Am I in shape for this no… should I be doing this… no. The lion just wants to roar! I am feeling it, a good tune comes on the iPod. It is like pouring gasoline on the fire. My legs are heating up, my lungs are burning and my heart is pounding. My body would like to stop, but my mind overrides my body and keeps on pushing. I have a certain spot in mind where I will back it off though I refuse to give any margin until I have reached that spot.

I visualize a race, I visualize a runner a head, I visualize a finish line. This is no longer a training run, it has become a race. This type of running is different from a marathon. A marathon is endurance, grit, determination, this type of running has those elements but is more about power, speed, and screaming raw energy, right now it feels good. I see the runner ahead, I push harder, the legs turn faster, the stride opens up. I am closing the gap… meters to go I catch and pass my imaginary runner.

A small victory to start the day. I cool the jets, my lungs are feeling it. During the run, I noticed my left leg is having difficult catching up with my right leg. I know where I need to do my work this winter/spring.

At home I find out that Kim’s parents are coming to visit today. We scramble to clean up. A lot of work is done in a short time.

It is good to see her parents. The girls head to the shops… the boys we head off to Sears for tools, the Guitar Center, wear Kim’s dad jams on guitar while I pluck and struggle (the boys played on the bongos), next stop lunch, Five Guys, it is a good burger. With Jimmy (Kim’s Dad) in town, I steal his expertise, we head to Home Depot. He points out everything I need to hook up the compressor.

Back at the house we hook up with the girls. Jimmy is jamming on the guitar while we listen. He plays so well. I have a long, long way to go.

As they leave for home, we just hang around. It feels more like a Sunday though it is Monday. I take care of a few work emails. Again, on vacation, but customers are important.

The evening is leftovers and later watching football on the couch and trading a few email with Jay. We pick our next race... It will be the first race of 2010.

Another great day.

Weight 182. Need to do better.

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