Monday, December 28, 2009

December 23, 2009

Wednesday. I get up early and put in a good run. I feel good. It is an easy run, my last before Christmas. Jay and I keep it light, 5 miles, an even 8:00 minute pace.

At home I have Kim help me move the table, my “canvas” for the painting. It is heavy, but she is tough. Several months ago I volunteered to donate a paining for an upcoming charity event. I have donated to the group for the past 4 years. In the past, they have had artist paint a chair. I have done some really cool chairs for them. The first was a rocking chair that looked like a cow. This year as I was browsing the chair selection I was not impressed with the offerings. Nothing really grabbed my attention. While walking through the warehouse, I saw several ornate dining room table tops. Apparently when a dining room table top is scratched, they remove the legs and send those back to be used again my the factory, however the tops are sent to charities. The charity take a few bucks and slaps on 4 x 4 legs from home depot. Basically you have a $1,000 - $2,000 top with $20 table legs. But it works and is good for those who need them.

The tables are great and the ornate edges looked like cool frames. Laying there I say not table tops, but some really big canvases. I suggested that they take 3-4 prominent artist and have them paint some “Master Work” size paintings to be auctioned. They loved the idea and said, great, you be the first.

So the table top sat in my house 2-3 months. Sure I have been busy, but I knew what I wanted to paint, the problem; I have not painted in 8 months. I really have not painted much since my Mom died the day after Christmas last year. I needed to get past this. It has been almost a year since my Mom passed.

Once Kim and I dragged the top in the house I got busy. My goal today, prime the top, so I could have a surface to paint on.

I had thought about doing a stop frame video of the painting process, but really I just wanted to dig into it.

I was able to prime the top, sketch out the painting and get started. It was odd at first. I was having difficulty getting the paint to flow like I had in the last. Part was the fact the surface had no “tooth” or texture to paint into, the second, I was rusty. Much of painting is not just knowing the color, but having the feel for the flow of the paint.

After a fight through the first cow, it starts coming back… I can feel the paint. It is blending , the colors are starting to flow and the with every stroke I am getting my confidence back.

The more I do to the table the better it looks. The last time I painted in my dinning room I was painting a life sized cow for the Cow Parade.

It is starting to look good. I am finding my groove.

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