Monday, December 7, 2009

All I want for Christmas is a BQ time.

Day 106

Boston Qualifying Training. The start of Week 16 and the last week of training. I wake 15 minutes early and decide to roll over for the extra sleep. I had an incredible dream in those 15 minutes, so it was totally worth the extra few minutes. When I wake up I have a smile on my face, it is easy to get going. I hop out of bed and dress quickly. Stepping outside the stars are bright, but clouds are rolling in, it gives the sky a surreal look.

Arriving early at LTF, the gang shows up and off we go. The run, 6 x 400 @ 1:35, with the warm up done, we get right to the workout. I start us off and hit within 2 seconds of goal. The pace is effortless. The next five 400’s are just as close and equally easy. Jay say's "it feels as if we are running at 85% effort', he right. We are ready. We all finish up an head back to stretch. The banter is light and mostly focused on what to wear on race day.

I head home and put Wil on the bus, Jack off to school and me off to work. My weight, yeah I know I said I would not weigh myself until after the race, but I could not stop myself from stepping on the scale as I walked by. Weight… 177. I’ll take it.

Race day is like Christmas.. it can not get here fast enough, 6 days to go!

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