Monday, December 28, 2009

December 24, 2009

Thursday. Christmas Eve day. I want to finish the painting today. My goal is to have it done before Christmas. I get up early and meet Jay for a swim. I see Jeff, Ann Marie, Stacy and the gang. I wish them all a Merry Christmas. As they leave, Jay and I start our swim workout. It is tough to begin a workout while everyone else is finishing. We get the work done. It feel good to be back in the pool. Though I still struggle in the water.

Back home I am jumping to dig into the painting. I put my iPod on listening to music while I paint. I am in a good mood. Why not, it is Christmas Eve. The painting is going quickly. I feel good about how it looks and knowing it will help raise money for a good cause.

I wrap up the painting early. Jeff Craver stops by and we sit for a while and have a beer. I know he has to go, but I enjoy his company and thank he and Tarran for the great cookies.

As Jeff leaves, I finish up the painting. It take a good part of the day. The afternoon is spent doing a few last minute details for Christmas, wrapping a few purchases.

We get ready for church. It has been a while since we have been, but is feels good to go, it just feel right.

Back at home we settle in for the night. No big dinner, just snacks while we are backing. Cookies, bread, and other treats. The day is calming down, though the boys are getting more excited. Jack is in the know, but Wil can not wait much longer for the man in red to show.

Soon enough bedtime is upon us. Wil and Jack head to sleep. Kim and I put It’s A Wonderful Life on the television and start pulling out the packages and gifts. Christmas is thinner than the past, but the love and happiness is still just a s strong. The best gift a year of good health for the family and friends.

Kim and I settle to bed. I will not sleep much. Though I will not have any presents under the tree from Santa, I am no better than a child on Christmas Eve. I wake every 2 hours to see if it is time to get up.

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