Monday, December 28, 2009

December 27, 2009


I get up early and we all head out for breakfast. I feel fat. I eat lightly at Mel’s Heading home there is much to do. I have a plan.

I first I put a varnish on my painting. It looks great. Next, I head to Sears. I pick up a few supplies. After Sears, I go to Home Depot. I return some purchases and pick up my 60 gallon air compressor. I have been hoarding gift cards so I could buy the compressor. It is a critical tool to restore the Mustang. My winter/spring project.

The compressor is just what I wanted and I am able to get it home in the Expedition, though it is huge. I call my neighbors and they help me unload the air compressor. Over the next several days I will hook it up and run a 240 volt line to power the beast.

Kim suggest that we head to Taco Mac to watch the Giants play. It is the last game in the old Giants Stadium, I remember seeing them play there with my brother years and years ago. They Giants need to win to stay in the play off hunt. Rather they stink up the game and loose. They are out of the play-off picture. Not only did they loose, they play with no heart and are creamed. Tough to watch. A family wearing Eagles gear snickers as we leave. Typical of an Eagles fan, maybe I am being sensitive. Dang Giants.

At home I am back in action. I have a project to complete, an access through a closet to a storage area has no door. I need to build one. I go to it. I frame out the door opening. Next I build the door. It is so much better than the last door I built. It also helps that I have the right tools. I good miter saw and framing square. I use good wood chisels to notch out the hinges. The door is square and fits tight. I finish the door just before the Sunday Night Football game comes on.

The day was busy and productive. Jack and Wil and big help to me today. Kim too she gives me the time to get this stuff done.

Thanks Kim, Jack and Wil.

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