Sunday, December 6, 2009

Giants Win, Yeah Baby!

Day 105

Boston Qualifying Training. Sunday. For the past two days I have been waking up at 5:30, not just waking, but wide awake. I decide to roll over and catch a few more Z’s. An hour later and that is enough, I’m up. The boys are up too… St. Nick did come last night and left games and a new Giant shirt for each of the boys.

There is a lot to do, but we start our Sunday like every Sunday morning, off to Mel’s. Mel’s wife is a big, huge, Alabama fan and she was brimming over with pride from the win Saturday, knowing her team would be going to play for the College National Championship. It was also her birthday on Friday, she is 75 years young and going strong.

We make our picks, have a great breakfast, including a big plate of bacon, my last bacon before the marathon. Breakfast done we head out to take care of errands.

At home the final touches to the Christmas decorations are made. All the trees are up and trimmed, decorations hung and light strung. I clean up the yard and plant a flower bed with various colors for the winter. The garage is cleaned out, the cars are cleaned out, filters are changed, rugs vacuumed, floors swept, and the leaves cleaned off the deck. Time for dinner. I make a favorite City Chicken. It takes a little time, but it is great. Cubed chicken, skewered, rolled in Italian bread crumbs, egg and again Italian bread crumbs. It is fried to crisp up the breading and than baked. Perfect. Healthy, not likely, tasty, you bet. I practice some willpower and only have two and some fruit for dinner, a cookie for desert and I am good for the evening.

The Marinich of the Week Award is handed out by last weeks recipients, Jack and Wil. It is a tough choice... it comes down to Kim and I and barely inch her out for the honors. She is likely more deserving, but we stand by the decision.

The Giants are on today, we are all dressed in out colors. Kim makes a confession to NOT having wore her lucky Giant panties on Thanksgiving. Clearly that is why the Giants we destroyed by the Broncos. Today that mistake is not repeated. This is a win or go home game for the Giants. If they are going to stay in the play-off hunt, they have to beat the Cowgirls. I do my best to not get emotionally involved but my blood runs Blue and Red and soon enough I am cheering and jeering at the television. The investment pays off with a Giants win. The bad part is I have already ruined my boys, though it is fun to watch as they are in to the game too, cheering and high-fives all around.

We enjoy the remaining evening just relaxing. A few emails for work and the rest of the day will be just watching football and hanging on the couch as we get ready for a great week.

Tomorrow will be the start of Week 16, the last training week and the last track workout. I will enjoy the 6 x 400’s though it will be cold in the early morning, it will be fun as the gang will be in high spirits. Jay and I will hit our marks and focus on pace. The idea this week is to stay sharp and watch the diet. I am already feeling a little fat and likely I am over 180. I do not want to know. I feel good and my body feels healthy going into the last week.

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