Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Next Day

The day after.

It is Sunday morning. The previous night Kim and I attended a Christmas party in the neighborhood. As much as my legs were barking from the run earlier in the day, it only served as a reminder of the accomplishment. It was good to spend time with Kim and I enjoyed the party. I spent the evening with a big smile on my face.

Sleep came quickly, but by 4 AM, I was up. My legs were aching. After several unsuccessful attempts at falling back to sleep, I decide I’m up.

Too early to wake anyone, I head down stairs and turn the lights on the Christmas tree. I sit on the couch and I think about the last 24 hours, when I remember that my buddy Bobalu is running today, his 35th consecutive White Rock Marathon.

Bobalu was the guy who told me the power of having running buddies. He also told me the four best things about running, something he shared the first time we ever ran together. A run that turned into a continuing friendship. I have found many life long friends through running.

Sunday breakfast at Mel's is a treat, they all ask if I made it, we celebrate with a big plate of bacon!

Later in the day, I make our "Fake Thanksgiving" dinner. We all enjoy an easy day relaxing and a great meal. Kim wins the "Marinich of the Week Award" for her support and sacrifice over the last 16 weeks.

The night will be spent with the family on couch, we'll all be wearing our Giants gear and cheering on the team.

So what are the four best things about running, for that, you have to run with me.

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