Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time To Go

Day 109

Boston Qualifying Training. Thursday. My sleep is restless, not because I am thinking about the race. All the work is done, whatever happens on Saturday I can not change now. Rather I keep waking knowing that I need to be tied up by the “Elves” before Wil wakes. It is payback time.

The previous evening, I tied the elves up and placed them on the train tracks under the Christmas tree. Wil and I have shared a love hate relationship with the elves since they have arrived. It tickles Wil to see me go on about the mischievous elves.

Finally morning arrives and I quietly head down stairs. I place myself in a chair tied up in ropes, a Santa hat on my head and the elves sitting with their prized catch, me. Wil has a great laugh to see the tables were turned.

The morning is spent with more meetings and work activity than I have had all week. I do not move from my seat as one meeting is followed by the next. Between meetings I squeeze in phones calls and simultaneously send emails.

In the back of my mind is the upcoming race. I have already packed and my running gear is an assortment that should have me prepared for any type of weather.

A few emails pop up from Jay, providing and estimated time for his arrival and our departure.

I hang up on my last meeting as Jay pulls in the drive way. Quick hugs and kisses with the family and I am out the door. The ride to Huntsville is 4 hours, however both Jay and I are pressed with more calls for work and the time goes by quickly.

It is dark and cold when we arrive. The hotel is nice and hosting a managers evening, free beer and snacks, tempting… but no. Heading right to the room, we change and head out for a 20 minute run. We start at the beginning of the marathon course and enjoy the crisp air and the ability to stretch our legs after the long ride.

The light are turned out early, we both know that tomorrow night, the night before the race sleep will be restless.

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