Tuesday, December 1, 2009

...97, ...98, ...99, ...100!

Day 100

Boston Qualifying Training. One hundred days. Wow, time flies. Day 100 comes on the first of December. Last night I decide that my body needs rest, I made a decision to sleep in and hit the pool at lunch. The sleep feels good. Waking I dress head down stairs.

During the night the Christmas Elves made their appearance. Jack is in the know, but Wil, he is beaming with joy and enthusiasm. Wil knows the Dad can not stand the antics of those mischievous Elves. I fake a big scene about the darn Elves making a mess, Wil laughs even more. Who knows what they’ll do tonight.

Kim and I get the boys off for a day of higher education and I make the trip down one more flight of stairs to my office. The day is busy with work and lunch time comes quickly.

Heading to the gym, I stand on the deck of the pool. I hate the pool. I know I’ve said it before, but swimming is not an area where I find any love. However I do know that it is helping me with my conditioning. With less than two week to go, I only see myself in the pool 2 more times after today.

On the plate for today, 300 warm up, 100 drills, 100 breast; followed by 4 x 200 and 4 x 300 and a 100 cool down. 2600 meters, and it goes by fast. As easy as it would be to skip, I am happy that I made the time to get the workout in and feel better for doing so.

Back home the day is filled with business calls, email and trying to close a few deals. Tomorrow is tempo, 2 EZ, 3 at a 7:14 pace and 1 cool down. Jay and I will hit the greenway at lunch and follow the run with some stretching. I enjoy the running conversation with Jay and we both have challenged one another these past 4 months.

Weight 177, I’d like to stay at this weight between now and race day, though with the decrease in exercise it will likely go up. Need to not worry about it and focus on the next few days knowing that I am race ready.

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