Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ready... Wrestle

Wednesday. Day 24. Track for me is a day of cleansing. I put all my frustration, all my angst, self-doubt and any other garbage that is festering inside my mind or body and I run it the hell out of me. Track days are singularly focused. It is perhaps not as pure as a long run, but I find it jumps starts me and puts me in good spirits the rest of the day.

Meeting Jay and Corey at LTF we were off. Corey was running 3 x 1600 @ a 5:50 clip. Jay and I had a ladder workout, it looked like this:

1 x 200 @ 0:44
200 RI
1 x 400 @1:31
400 RI
1 x 600 @ 2:19
400 RI
1 x 800 @ 3:07
400 RI and

This was repeated going back down for a total of about 3.75 miles. We were fast on all of the intervals, but not overly so, except the first one that I ran in 40 seconds, (sorry Jay) but the rest were within 5-6 seconds. A couple were, hard and a couple were easy.

The remainder of the day was uneventful, though filled with a day of work, meetings, calls and deadlines. After dinner the boys and I went to a wrestling meet. It was great and the wrestling was pretty good too. It brought back a lot of memories. I had great success wrestling though really never appreciated it until well after my wrestling career in college was over. The boys liked watching, but clearly the Marinich wrestling linage will end with me as they had no interest. Wrestling is a sport that you must love, or forget, it is not a casual sport.

The night ends quietly, as it should

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