Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 12.

Thursday Jay, Jeff, Corey and I all agreed to the Cracker Barrel Run. Basically, we are all going to run our “run”, coordinating starting times so that we could all finish at roughly the same time.

Great idea, however, somehow Jay missed the time and shows 10 minutes late. No worries. Jay and I see Jeff and coordinate times.

Jay and I hit it. Falling back to my old habit, I start us off too fast. The temps are far better than last weeks single digit ice run, but still cool enough that it takes time to warm up. The first few miles are difficult. I need to listen to Jay, my pacing is erratic. I am fast and I’m slow. Jay however, plays it smart, he lets me go ahead and reels me back in. We finally find pace and settle in on the back half of the run. We had a target of 7:33 and finish with 7:27. Not bad, but the run was not a smart run. I need to hold it back in the beginning and finish strong.

The run complete, we all hook up for a stretch, though my thoughts quickly run to breakfast. Cracker Barrel is calling. Corey, Jay, Jeff and I spend about an hour catching up, talking about everything and nothing as only good friends can. We all agree that Chicago Marathon can not be a run and done, but we’ll stay an extra day and enjoy the city, the food and the company.

I have a nice date with Kim at lunch and the boys have a great practice to end the day. We resume our football games on Saturday.

Practice was not without drama. The last play of practice, I am testing the defense. I roll left and throw back to the right. Our corner back, Jared, plays it perfect and jumps the route. A great heads up play. The bad part, he and Sean the receiver, hit. It is a collision. I run over and Jared is on the ground, I look at him and his nose if shifted to his right. It is broken! I ask him if he where he was hit. He points to his nose. Glad it is not his head. I look at the nose and it is a judgment call. He either has to go to the hospital or I need to put in back in place. I can feel the bone, it is movable. I put my thumbs on both sides of his nose and push it back in place. You can hear the bones and cartilage as I move it back to the center and I can feel it as I put it back in place. Tough kid.

Back home, the week is over. I am looking forward to the weekend.

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