Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday I sleep

Day 79

Boston Qualifying Training. "Fatigue makes cowards of us all." Jack Stanbro. That is what my wrestling coach used to tell us when I was in high school. He’s right. It will make you quit, it will make you feel that have nothing left. All the more reason to make certain I am in top shape for the race on December 12th. Not just in conditioning, but also rest. The previous days run was an early wake up, 3;15 AM. My goal was to find an hour Monday and catch up on the missed sleep. It never happened the day was just too busy.

When I woke this morning, I was tired. Certainly I could make it through swim practice, but I knew my body needed rest. I need to recover from the previous days run and early hour wake up. I made a decision that swim would have to wait until lunch time.

Waking two and a half hours later, I was refreshed and ready for the day. The morning was productive at work and I headed to the gym for my swim. The workout, a variation of the previous Thursday workout, 250 warm up, 250 drills, 7 x 300. I was not as fast as I had been the previous week, though I did watch as my times dropped as I went deeper into the set. Good deal. I limited the workout to 2600 meters. Likely the volume I will be doing starting next week. As I get closer to the race, I want to cut down on my swim workout and will not swim at all the week of the race. I’ll likely take time to spin.

The afternoon was uneventful and the evening brought perhaps the best highlight of the day. My Sister Diane and her husband Harry, decided to stay and extra 5 days so they can see Jack and Wil play their games on Saturday. We are all happy for that. Great to have family.

Wil is enjoying his “Marinich of the Week” award and has it prominently displayed in his room.

I fall asleep listening to the rain, knowing it will be gone in the morning, just in time for Track!

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