Thursday, November 26, 2009

Swim, Weights and Pasta

Day 94

Boston Qualifying Training. I wake up and head to LTF. The boys had been up until 2:30. Not me, though I did not go to bed until 1:00 AM. I do sleep in, well sort of… I wake at 7:00 and I’m off.

On the pool deck I talk to a girl who is in lane 1. She is wearing an iPod shuffle that is water proof. Coooool. I want one of those. Santa are you listening, er... a reading!

Yesterday the guys (and gals) swam about 3,600 meters. I will not be doing all that, though I will get work done. I warm up with 300 meters, followed by 4 x 300 at 6:00 and 4 x 100 at 1:55. I end with an easy 100. Enough I head up stairs to meet Jay. We hit the iron, though lightly, not wanting to do too much this late in the training schedule.

Back home, I am busy and the day flies by. The evening is reserved for football. That’s right, it’s back! Flag football, this is the Winter League. I have a great group of boys on the team. We practice for an hour and I am back home quickly.

The morning will be a 13 mile run at marathon pace. My plan, stuff some pasta in my belly and go to bed. That is exactly what I do. The morning will be here soon.

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