Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Nice Day

Day 77

Boston Qualifying Training. I wake before 6:00 AM, a smile crosses my face, I know it is Sunday, my workouts done and with guest at the house, I have nothing too urgent to worry about. Rolling over, I sleep.

Waking up around 7:00 that is enough, time to get up. I put out the dogs, fill the bowls and give them some attention. They are not the best dogs, but they are good dogs and they mean well.

The family is still asleep. I go to my office and print off the football picks for the day. A big day for the Giants, they need a win, a loss and the season is pretty much over. As the family stirs, I continued with a few chores, sweeping the floors, sweeping out the garage, cleaning out the vehicles. Soon enough we are heading to Mel’s. I hear an ear full of abuse about the Giants third loss in a row. The ribbing is good natured. Arrrgh, the Giants. Hurt feelings are soothed over with a mound of free bacon! Man bacon can cure almost anything, it was well over a pound of the cured goodness.

The morning slip by easily and we prepare for Jacks Birthday Party. It is his 12th Birthday on Monday. Today we have a flag football game schedule with nine of his friends. I will ref, too close to Huntsville for me to be taking any chances by playing.

The boys have a blast. Jack is QB’ing against the boy who is the starting QB on his team. Jack easily out plays him and leads his team to a 42 – 28 victory, it was never close. I became a spectator as they ref’ed themselves. At half-time I challenge the boys to sing the Star Spangled Banner… They do it, all 10 of them, loudly. I wish I had a video of it, cool. MVP’s of the Game, split, Wil and Jack!

After the game we hit the house for cake and ice cream and a little chatter. Families come I and join the festivities. A good time. Tomorrow we will celebrate Jacks birthday with just the family.

We settle into an evening meal Roast Beef, gravy, mashed potato’s, green beans, sweet potato’s, rolls… the feed bag is on. I likely gained all my weight back. Four weeks out, I will be tightening the belt, no junk, no ice cream, chips, candy… it all goes away. This will be the last time I eat without thinking.

The meal is good but my stomach sours, the Giants lose a game that they could have won. They are not doing the little things that count. It is just like training… you can not just turn it on the day of the race, you have to practice hard, you have to do the little things. Not just run, but lift, core, diet, nutrition… rest… it all counts.

Sitting here this really applies to all aspects of life. Family is the same. Nice to tell your spouse or children you love them, but better to show them. Listening when they are talking, hugging them for no reason, wiping their tears, giving yourself for no reason other than to spend time. The details are the difference.

As I put the garbage out to the curb before going to bed I see the last leaf fall from the tree out front, cool to see as it floats along. I felt as if it was a special gift just for me. The details.

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