Sunday, November 22, 2009

No Where To Go... I'll Take It

Day 90

Boston Qualifying Training. Saturday. Rest. Football is over, no games, no where to be. We wake early in the house and decide to eat breakfast at Waffle House, healthy, no, but the kids love it.

We belly up to the counter, another fun thing for the boys. We laugh and share stories. My wife comments on my recent haircut. I share with her that the girl cutting my hair said there was not much she could do with my hair as there is so little of it to cut. We share a laugh. Proudly I let them know that she also said I had the nicest blue eyes she had ever seen… without hesitation Jack says, “Did she see the rest of your face?” We all burst out laughing. A good quick wit.

We finish off breakfast the remainder of the day is spent with errands, but mostly playing with the boys.

We end the day downstairs watching the new Star Trek movie that came out. Huddled on the couch we just relax. Nice

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