Monday, November 2, 2009

Moon Lit Monday

Day 71

Boston Qualifying Training. Wil is on the bus, Jack is eating, he’s such a slow eater that he could easily sleep another 30 minutes, but he enjoys taking his time eating breakfast and watching the NFL network. He also likes to see his brother off to school, a good big brother.

The boys both enjoyed a surprise for breakfast, donuts! The benefit of waking at 3:40 AM is I had time to stop by Dunkin Dounuts after my workout.

Waking at 3:40, I was surprisingly alert. I tried my best to not wake Kim as I left. Pulling on my long running pants, I see the moon is full outside. The sky is open and it looks like a cool fall day.
At LTF Jay and I head out to the track. The workout is a good one, 1k @ 4:06, 400 RI, 2K @ 8:26, 1K and 1K, again @ 4:06. The warm up is nice, I feel good, my body feels good, I am ready for Week 11 a week that ends with our 4th 20 mile run.

It takes about 9 minutes to get to the track, maybe longer. Jay and I take that time to do our weekly math problem… converting finish time to 200 meter split times. Math while running is always bad. Converting minutes to seconds, adding the total seconds, dividing by the number of 200’s and adding it all back up. What a mess. We come to an agreement on what the time is supposed to be and give it a go.

Arriving at the track we both comment on how well lit the track is by the full moon. A quick loop around to clear the track and we are ready to hit it. We suffer bad math, but somehow manage to get the times close. We are fast on each of the set by 10 seconds but consistent and more important we were running negative splits, 200 meters @ 47.7, 47.2, 47.7, 46.6, 46.4. This happen on every set.

The workout is done almost as quickly as it started. I feel fresh and put another positive workout in the book. A great way to start the week, a great way to start Week 11.

I will hit the weights at lunch. Weight today 178. Hmmm. Off to work.

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