Thursday, November 26, 2009

Short... it's short! No.....!

Day 93

Boston Qualifying Training. Tuesday morning. Typically I would be standing on the pool deck getting ready for a mile plus swim in lane 2. Not today. Today I have a family meeting. I still wake at 5:00 AM, but only because I have to be at meeting southwest of Atlanta at 8:00 AM. I drive early to avoid traffic.

The meeting goes well and I feel good knowing I am taking a good step towards taking greater care of my family.

The day… It is my day off. Back home I take care of chores and by the time the boys are home from school we decide that this would be a good evening to have Jacks sleep over and Laser Tag party. Laser tag is a blast. The boys have a good time, I think I had an even better time. After wearing ourselves out running around in the dark blasting each other, we head home.

Pizza for dinner we head to the game room. It is decided that a Madden 10 tournament is in order. After setting a bracket, the games begin. The battles are fierce, one by one, we watch as one advances and another sits down. Miraculously, I am in the finals, but not just the finals but the number on seed.

The final pits me against a neighbor with a strong set of thumbs and more hours in front of Madden 10 than anyone should consider. It goes into three overtimes. I drive the ball all the way down to the 13 yard line. Against better judgment I kick a field goal rather than trying to get closer. I figure with 13 yards to go, I’m good. I hit the button, full power, perfect, I kick…. And … its… No GOOD!!!! Somehow it falls short, I curse John Madden and call the programmers names that 12 year old boys should not hear. The next series, a tackle is missed and I lose. Not happy.

I go to bed, knowing I want to make up my swim in the morning.

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