Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not That Wet Wednesday

Day 80

Boston Qualifying Training. Track day is fun day. Yesterday in Corey’s absence I sent out an invite to all the track buds letting them know Jay and I would be leaving the LTF at 5:45 AM.

A good crowd gathered, though we missed having Jeff there. Ann Marie, Susan and Susan showed along with Jay and me. Susan, was well adorn in her bright yellow 2009 Boston Marathon tech shirt. She has run the race 7 times. Good for her, an inspiration for the rest of us this early morning.

The weather despite being wet, was good, a little warm even, 58 degrees. I was over dressed. Most of us were. A nice leisurely jog down to the track, hopping past puddles and navigating the mud, we arrived. Though the track was dark and deserted, it was welcoming. I was prepared and confident, the track workout was not a mystery. I knew it and knew it well, and I enjoyed the track.

Today, 3 x 1600 with a 400 RI, pace, 6:39 with 0:49 second splits every 200 meters. Piece of CAKE. After a quick lap around to clear the track and set up our markers, we all huddled at the start line, adjusting our watches. Confirming we were all check for go, we started. Jay and I, led by me on the first mile, followed by Ann Marie and Susan, targeting a 7:02 mile. Susan Lipscomb was there for support and also running, but not the mile splits.

The pace was good and I felt great. Rounding the first curve I knew I was right on… mid way down the back stretch, 47, 48, 49! Right on. Hitting the front stretch… 1:37, 38, 39! Again right on! I was barely breathing and was thinking this is too easy. The next three laps I would knock 1 second of each 200 meters and we would finish with a 6:33, six seconds fast, but well within reason. Better, Jay and I were barely breathing. The girls finished shortly behind us, though much faster than prescribed.

An easy 400 RI and now Jay led us out. Like clockwork. Jay was at his best. Right on the first lap, and dropping time with each consecutive lap. Finish time 6:24, 15 seconds fast, but again very controlled and negative splits. I led the last mile and we again ran negative splits, finishing in 6:21… too fast, but again not to a point that we were ever really uncomfortable. The pace was quickened on the last lap, but not raced or excessively sped up. A good controlled pace.

In the department of “Really” on the last lap, Susan came by Jay and I and said, let’s go… and I could not help but put a little fire into the last 20 meters, just to finish ahead of her. I’m so damn easy.

On the jog back we talked about Huntsville, Boston, family and training... the usual stuff. Found out that Ann Marie and I used to both hit the track when John Adamson was training us for $5 bucks a pop on track day. Small world.

My weight.. I have tried to not be so, well, so me about my weight, but it has been fluctuating with my sister visiting, I am just eating too much. I have been 177 -179. Today I was 179 after the run and 178.5 after lunchtime lifting. I need to get myself back in control. Right now. I blame my sister for the homemade apple pie and gingerbread chocolate chip cookies.

Next week it all stops, with 4 weeks out I will focus on nutrition.

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