Saturday, November 28, 2009

T Minus Two Weeks... Let The Count Down Begin

Day 97

Boston Qualifying Training. The last workout of Week 14, tempo. It is an easy workout as we taper for the race. The run; 1 mile EZ followed by 5 miles at 7:29 pace. I calculate the splits, 1:52, on the quarters and 0:56 on the 200’s.

I run at the track as it is the best way for me to keep pace. I have struggled by going too fast when running alone. By hitting the track I eliminate that possibility. I wake early and head to the August Butler Bulldogs High School. This is the same High School Kim attended, how many years ago..?

When I arrive it is dark and cold, 34 degrees. The track is gated. I see a gap in the fence and surprisingly, I fit through. I warm up though with the cold weather it takes bit longer than usual. After a mile I am ready to go. I set my watch and I’m off. 20 laps, @ 1:52.

The laps go by quickly. I feel good the whole time, though I am running the inside lane on the first 2 miles, I decide to hit lane 3 on the last three miles. I was looking at my times and hitting each quarter too fast based on my calculation. I figured the inside lap was short. I switched to the outside lane and did add a second or two to each lap, but well under my time by 4-5 seconds every quarter.

Back at the house, I see that the inside lap was right on… .25 of a mile. The fact, I was hitting the mile at about 7:09 or better. The thing is it did not feel that bad. I’ll take it.

Back at the in-laws, we all head to Waffle House. I eat well, blueberry waffle, hash browns, and bacon, chased down with a chocolate milk. Yeah me, well deserved.

The remaining day is spent playing football, practicing guitar and helping Kim and her parents with a few chores. Wow am I relaxing.

We head home, but not before we pick up some great pork barbecue for tomorrows dinner. Once home we meet friends for pizza and a beer. We’ll turn in early tonight.

Week 14 is done. Today marks two weeks to go!

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