Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Day 76

Boston Qualifying Training. Oh it’s Saturday. Last night just before I went to bed my work colleague emailed, “my wife’s water broke… were heading to the hospital”. Cool he sends me updates through the night. The baby arrives about 7 AM. He is a first time father. How exciting.

Waking fully I head to the gym and hit the weights. It feels good my legs are burning from the sets. It is a good burn. I finish with my core workout. Nice.

At home we mostly just putter around, taking it easy. Wil has a game at 12:15 and we are looking to just pass the time.

Finally, it’s time. Wil and I head to the game. He is growing up too fast. Arriving early I run the boys through the plays. The other team show up, but they are missing a couple of players. I agree to just play with seven.

The game starts off well enough but by the second play anarchy breaks out. The other coach is complaining. The refs are making up calls. We score quickly and it only makes it worse. The other coach becomes more angry. The refs blow more calls. They argue with me, they argue with the other coach. The refs are becoming the game. I speak to them share that this is an instructional league and the purpose is to coach the boys. The refs threaten to kick me out of the game and call a personal foul.

I'm pissed. We pull out the Stature of Liberty and we score again. The other coach becomes even more angry. We are called for holding, tackling, and an assortment of ridiculous calls to provide the other team an advantage.

At halftime, I take the boys aside and tell them to focus on the game and get a drink. The other coach is talking to the refs. As I head over there the conversation goes from bad to worse. I walk away. I take the high road.

The game continues and the other team scores. The opposing parents are an embarrassment, cheering at a missed snap. The opposing coach threatens one of my kids parents, “I’ll see you after the game” he makes it worse by telling one of his boys on several occasions “go hit that kid and knock him down” unbelievable.

A few of my parents fall into the trap and start to comment back. I stop and ask that the parents take the high road. They do we finish the game, a win, but I am embarrassed that the boys are subjected to such foolishness. Even though we won, the kids are dejected. It feels like a loss. I talk the boys up and tell them how proud I am that they acted like champions and did not fall tot he silly actions of the other coach. Off to Five Guys for victory burgers and fries.

The day slides by, Wil, Jack and I spend time playing in the back yard. I make a Teriyaki Tilapia Dinner over rice and snow peas. Yummy. Better I did not poison anyone this time.

A quick game of Uno and we are all off to bed. Sleep comes easy tonight.

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