Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scary Saturday

Day 69

Boston Qualifying Training. Saturday morning I am up early, but this time it is for Wil. This day I will be a supporting cast member to the boys. It is a day of football. The day starts with Wil’s game at 8:30, followed by Jack’s game at 4:30 and ending with the great candy collection of Halloween.

I am jump out of bed and make my way down stairs; cinnamon rolls, bacon and a glass of juice is a winning breakfast combination. We are the first to arrive at the field and warm up throwing and run through our plays for the day. I find doing this helps make the boys comfortable with the plays and drive off the nerves.

Almost at the start of the game the rain came. We did not get wet, we were soaked! The boys had perhaps their best game, dominating the line of scrimmage and a great penetrating defense. Wil had a career day on the field Saturday, running in for two touchdowns, picking up a first down, and throwing 3 for 3, including a touchdown an two 2 point conversions. The game ended up 42 to 12. Check out the boys here.

Coming home there was work to get done… pumpkins to carve and chores to be completed. The clock was ticking… about the time the pumpkins were carved, it was time to leave for Jacks game. What a game. It was a shoot out. But the good guys were on the losing side. We put up a great offence, but the defense was unable to stop the opposing team. We have a lot of work to do before our first play-off game.

As disappointed as I was at the end of the game and as much as I kept running the game back and forth through my head, the boys were over it in minutes, after all it was Halloween.
Back at the house the neighborhood streets were already filled with a parade of kids going house to house.

We had a gang of 10 that walked the neighborhood. This was the first time I walked with the kids rather than hand out the candy. I stayed back about 10 yards and let the boys be boys. It was fun to see them as they matured. Proud to hear them all say thank you and how they watched out for the Wil. Good kids. Jack and will ended up with 188 pieces of candy, and to quote on of the other parents I met out on the street, “this neighborhood give out the best candy, full candy bars, cans of coke… wow!”

Rounding up the boys we head back to the house. Though I am committed getting more sleep, I end up watching the Yankees, it goes late, but he Yanks win. It is 1 AM, I sleep easy.

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