Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aliens Attack

Day 87

Boston Qualifying Training. Last night I could easily have gone to bed at 8:00. I am not a fan of the time change and it is my strong belief that it should be abolished. Sure when the United States was an agrarian society/economy, it made sense. The idea of telling your body, hey, it’s an hour earlier/later... this change is ridiculous. My feeling is the time should be split by 30 minutes and set at that time year round and never deal with the time change again.

I am so tired last night it was almost as if I was sick. I wonder, is it the accumulation of the weeks working out, could be, or was it the swim workout, of the fact that it is dark at 6:00?

Hard to say. I know when I was lifting I could barely do 10 pull-ups when I usually knock out a nice set of 11 or more. Whatever the reason, I knew I would be asleep before 9:30 and I was.

I woke up twice last night, once at 11:22, I had to laugh, I thought wow, this is when I used to go to bed. I rolled over knowing I had hours of sleep ahead. I woke again at 2:50 due to a bad dream , aliens had invaded the earth and were killing everyone. Man kind had turned to mass chaos, I was trying to figure out how to save my family. One of the invaders had entered our sub-division and I hit him with my car and jumped out and started beating it with my bare hands, blood would explode out of the aliens face every time I would hit it…. I kept thinking we can beat these guys… and I woke up. My take away is I’m either 12 years old inside a 44 year old body, or that subconsciously I know my main goal is to take care of, protect and provide for my family no matter how hard things may get in this world and I can persevere.

I decided to not figure out which it was and that I still had time to sleep, so I rolled over again, knowing the next time I woke it would be time for track and it was.

Fully awake and rested, I met the gang; really a gang, there were eight of us at LTF, we could have rumbled with the Windward running group. We made our way down to the track and after a quick lap to clear the lanes, setting our 50 yard markers, we were off. Today’s menu, 10 x 400 @ 1:34, with a 400RI, that meant we were doing 2.5 miles of running and 2.5 miles of RI running for a total of 5 miles on the track and 7 miles total.

The first 400 was 2 seconds fast and this repeated a few times. We dipped as low as a 1:22 but never higher than a 1:33. Towards the end, the 8th 400 was run at 1:33 and felt like we were doing a cool down lap. All was good. I enjoyed the conversation and the company of the other runners. It picks you up and makes a day like today feel effortless.

Today will be filled with work, but the house will be noisy after 12, it is early release day boys get home early. A good thing, I like having them home.

Weight 177, good.

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