Monday, November 16, 2009

Driver 8

Day 85

Boston Qualifying Training. Today was the start of Week 13, the last of the build weeks. After this week the workouts will be geared to tapering and staying sharp. The last 20 mile run will be Friday and it is my goal to run the 20 miles on the course we will be running on the 12th of December.

Today is a tempo run and I will be accompanied by Corey. It has been a while since we ran together I enjoyed the run and the ability to catch up. The run was a mild 8 mile run at an 8 minute pace. The times were a bit up and down, but not too bad, we ended up about a minute fast over 8 miles. Seven seconds per mile, is okay, 5 would be better, but again not bad.

I felt good, clearly my conditioning is good, however, I am still having a bit of trouble with my left quad. Oh well, I’ll just deal with it. I do not have any physical joint or bone pain. This run is another confidence builder. I did think that there were a few areas that I worked harder than others, but by the time we found the groove the 8 mile run was over.

I value the time Corey provided. He likely had a faster and I know it was too be a longer run, but he was great to have along on the run and his sacrifice to help me along and stay on pace is greatly appreciated. He made an 8 mile boring run a fun and effortless 8 mile run.

A quick stretch and shower and I am off to the house. Wil is waiting on Dad to put him on the bus.

The house is quiet when I return from my run, it is just Kim, and the boys. Our guest have returned home and though others enjoy when guest leave, we miss them. It is good to have family. The boys really enjoy having them visit and so do Kim and I.

My day will be busy with work and a meeting at school for William.

Weight 177. Good!

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