Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And the Award goes to...

Day 72

Boston Qualifying Training. Though I went to bed early last night, I woke in the middle of a great dream and honestly it would have been very easy to roll over and go back to sleep. The reality is the thought crossed my mind, but I knew that would not help. Sitting in the middle of Week 11, this is it, crunch time, no time to slack off. I hop out of bed and know that this day will make me stronger.

Arriving at LFT, I am ready for the swim, it is a good looking first set and we work hard to stay on pace. The deeper we go into the workout, the harder and faster we get. By the time we hit the kick sets I am done. Exhausted. I take the next 15 minutes and swim it out. I go into the workout like a lion, fast and furious, but I left like a lamb, spent. I leave the pool knowing that work was done. I needed to push a little more at the end of the workout, though I remember that my real goal in focusing on the key runs this week.

Tomorrow is a tempo run, 1 mile warm up and 5 miles at 7:29 tempo. I will do the work at the track so I can stay on pace. It will be a little boring, but, it will keep me steady. I will take my ipod and find a groove. I have had a problem with going too fast on tempo, but tomorrow the track will keep me honest. It will also be good to run with company as others will be doing their track workout.

There is way too much going on at work and family time seems to go by too fast. Tonight Jack has football practice that will last until 8:30 PM. I’ll get home just in time to tuck Wil in to bed and myself shortly there after.

On the family side, I had what I think is a cool idea. Two weeks ago I started the “Marinich of the Week Award”. The Marinich of the Week Award is handed out to the Marinich that has contributed to the family, or done something outstanding, or taken a leadership position, or done a good deed.

Kim won the first Marinich of the Week Award for her outstanding work as a great mother and wife these past 17 years, an easy pick. This Sunday the award was given to Kim, for outstanding contribution to the family. It was totally unexpected and unprecedented to have the award won twice in two weeks. The bar has been raised high.

Funny to see the reaction of the boys. Wil is working hard to make certain his chores are done, table cleared, and studying hard. He wants to win the award. He asked me, “Dad if I get a 100 on my spelling test will I win?” I think that Wil may have an inside track on this weeks award.

As for the award, I am making it. The second part of my brilliance, this is an opportunity for me to practice my welding skills. Last night I cut all the pieces out of 22 gauge steel. Tonight I will start welding. The Award is a 3D steel sculpture of the letter "M", it will look rough, but cool when it is done. Besides, my welding skills will be better when I am done.

Front and back sides of the Award

Off to work… Weight 177. Need to start trending down.

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