Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tall, Lean and Glistening Green - Smells Good Too!

Day 98

Boston Qualifying Training. The days are slipping away with less than two weeks until race day, I focus on my diet and being smart about my training. I have a reasonable breakfast rather than my big 3 egg omelet as I usually do on Sunday morning.

There is not much football talk at Mel’s this morning. Though the Giants beat the Falcons and we joked about that game, the Gmen were beat soundly in Denver and we all know they just do not have the team this year.

Back at home I hear the rake calling me, but it will need to wait. Jack wants to go play football with the neighbors kids and parents. I to want to play also, but I take a chair and my laptop. Today I am a spectator, while also getting some work done.

Jack has a blast and I'd like to jump out there and play, but with three and a half months invested, I will stay a spectator.

Back home, I pull out the rake and leaf blower and go at it. I have several piles built up and decide to take a break and get something to drink. Coming back to the yard, Wil is spying the freshly raked piles. I know what he is thinking. I decide to redirect his energy and hand he and Jack garbage pails. Get to work boys. They do. They are both hard workers and not afraid to work along with dad. While we are taking care of the back yard, Kim is planting tulips bulbs in the front.

Afternoon comes quick and we finish our yard work and head to pick out a Christmas tree. I am an adult, I am supposed to make grown up decisions. But the fact is I am a child when it comes to picking out Christmas trees. I love them, and I like them to be BIG. With 9 foot ceilings, our tree is typically 8 feet 11 inches. I do not think twice to spending $100 bucks on a tree.

Back home I once again find that the tree is too tall. I opt for my second tree stand. It is lower to the ground while still massively sturdy, weighing about 35 pounds. The second stand works and sure enough, 8’11”. This tree is narrow compared to previous trees I have bought, but it has great personality and great fragrance. Kim will spend hours putting on the lights, wrapping each individual branch. We’ll have over 600 – 700 lights on the tree. The main tree will be decorated with special, meaningful ornaments. We have a few trees we’ll put up, but the others will have themed decorations, Kids, Giants, Dalmatians, etc.

With the tree up, chores done, we settle down for an easy evening. A few emails to catch up for work and the winter flag football season. I spend the rest of the day watching football with Kim, Jack and Wil.

At dinner the "Marinich of the Week Award" is handed out to Jack and Wil for all the great help they provided Kim and I this week. They proudly split the days of the week and decide who keeps it in their room first.

Tomorrow starts Week 15. I will watch my diet carefully over the next 12 days and have decided to not make any Christmas cookies or Chex Mix until after December 12th.

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