Thursday, November 19, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

Day 88

Boston Qualifying Training. When the alarm went off this morning my shoulder was killing me, the same shoulder I crunched in football several weeks ago. Immediately came up with 10 reasons to rollover and go back to bed… but there was one over-riding reason to get out, December 12th, race day. Decision made.

The day is closing fast and I am in the fine tuning phase of the program. I change my attitude and off I go to the pool. What has really changed in my life since I was in Middle School (though we called it Junior High than) I would wake up at 5 AM go to morning wrestling workout, followed by a day of work at school, and playing football with my friends in the evening. I have not changed on bit, I wake at 5 AM, go workout, work all day and play football with the boys in the evening. The only thing different is I have a less hair and hopefully I am a bit wiser.

On the pool deck I am hoping for change. I have been miserable in the pool these last two weeks. The workout is a good one, 4 x 500 (300 with fins & paddles, 100 fins, 100 swim). Though I am excited with the workout, I turn in another crappy performance. I am dead last, and 20 meters behind in all but one of the 500’s. The sprints are good not great, the planks are good not great. I walk away discouraged. If this trend continues I will be back in the remedial lane, with my water wings on and the swimming ring with the duck head. I have no idea what is going on, but will continue to push.

Jumping on the scale my weight is 178. Not happy with that either. On the ride home from the gym, I think would I have been better to have just rolled over. Likely not. I know from years of training the most meaningful workouts are often not your best workout. It is when you are struggling and want to quit, when what is easy for others and difficult for you that you are building what it take to perform well.

It is easy when things are going good. But that is not life and certainly not racing. What do you do when things turn to “crap”, when conditions are not optimum, when you are not feeling your best. It is a day like today, that I can pull from, preserve, know that I can make it because I have been there before. An adjustment in attitude and the day is looking better.

Tomorrow I have my last 20 mile run. It will be the end of Week 13. The pace will be 8:15. The goal is to hit the first 14 miles at 8:15 and next drop it down to 8:10 with the last two being at 8:05 (maybe). Tonight I will drop Gel’s, Gatorade and Water. Dinner my usual, a big bowl of pasta. Bed will be early.

Wil is home sick today, you could see it coming last night, off to the doctors.

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