Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Day 95

Boston Qualifying Training. Happy Thanksgiving. This is how great my wife is… She knew I wanted to get this run in with Jay. She knew how important it was for me to have a good run for my confidence. Rather than leaving for Augusta to be with her family last night, we leave today after the run.

I wake up at 5:08 and drop of the bottles for the run. Meeting Jay at the gym, we are off. It is a good run. We hold back and spend the first 9 miles really reserved, we are within a few seconds of the goal time 7:57. Good for us.

The conversation is good and we talk about the plans for Thanksgiving. We also talk about what a great job we have done with this workout schedule. We have now run 407 training miles since we started 14 weeks ago. One more step to building confidence for the race.

By the time we hit mile 12, we have picked it up and gained 45 seconds. We are almost to the end of the 13 miles run, one more mile. Jay decides he wants to show some speed. We end the last mile with a 7:15 mile. We finish 1:24 ahead of our goal time. We both feel good. Pace 7:53.

I step on the scale 176. Yeah baby!

A quick shower and I am home, car packed we hit I-20 east. While driving I talk to all my brothers and sisters. I miss seeing my family and the big Thanksgiving meals we had all together. I talk to each of them for 10 minutes of so. Life goes by too quick. Hanging up from my last sibling, I hear from Corey. Everyone had a great race. Good stuff!

Arriving at Augusta, we enjoy the time with family, throw the football around and generally just do nothing. That is not something I do often, but today, it feels good. I am relaxed. Kim's Dad and I jam on guitars, he's good. Me, I'm learning, but having fun.

Though Thanksgiving is typically reserved for football, there is bad news, their cable is broken and we do not get to watch the first two games. The good news, we will see the Giants game.

Go Giants!

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